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Dining Out, Japanese Style

Whether or not you're watching your carbs, there's one problem with Japanese food. When properly prepared, it's almost too beautiful to eat! Of course, its artfully matched flavors and textures make it too delicious not to eat. Japanese food does have a major drawback for Atkins followers. As with every… Read More

Starting a Wedding Diet? Wedding Weight Loss Tips for Your Big Day

Start Your Morning with BreakfastIt’s been said many times before; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although it’s the most skipped meal, starting your day with breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism and will keep you feeling full longer. People who eat breakfast regularly not only… Read More

Get in Shape with a Post-Pregnancy Workout

Having a newborn means you’ll constantly have a million things on your mind. Though most new moms are eager to lose baby weight they gained during pregnancy, with so much to balance finding time to exercise can be difficult.Once you feel physically and mentally able, however, starting a… Read More

Healthy Breakfasts: Easy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

You've heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But why? Healthy breakfasts kick start your metabolism and keep you focused and energized until lunch time, meaning it's especially important to make sure what you put into your body at the beginning of the day is… Read More

Low Carb Meals: Low Carb Comfort Food to Make This Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year for comfort food. As the weather gets cooler, most of us crave hearty meals that warm us up rather than the light salads and refreshing smoothies that are popular during the summer months.The only problem with fall comfort food? Oftentimes it’s… Read More

Ideas for Healthy Game Day Recipes & Low Carb Appetizers

Football season is the ideal time to get in the kitchen and try out new recipes. For many football fans, the game day grub is almost as important as the game itself! It can be easy to eat more than you intend when you’re watching the game and snacks… Read More

Eating Out Healthy: Tips for Sticking to Your Low Carb Diet

Just because you’re living a low-carb lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to stop going out to eat every once in a while! Restaurants don’t always offer a great variety of low-carb options, but if you know how to order, you can turn almost any entrée into… Read More

Starting a Post Pregnancy Diet Plan: How to Eat Healthy & Trim Down

Losing post-pregnancy weight is a major focus for many new moms, but when you’re taking care of a new baby, finding the time to find the best diet for you can be tricky. Luckily, figuring out how to lose your baby weight doesn’t have to be complex or… Read More

What is Belly Fat: Discover What it is and How to Get Rid of it

Many people trying to lose weight are most concerned with slimming down their midsections. Answer the question of “what is belly fat” and learn how to get rid of it with help from Atkins:What is belly fat?There are three types of fat: triglycerides (the fat that circulates in… Read More

Sticking to Your Diet: Eating Healthy on Special Occasions

There is often an abundance of unhealthy goodies at birthday parties and other special occasions that can be tempting to anyone trying to watch what they eat. But sticking to a diet doesn’t have to be difficult; it’s entirely possible to follow a healthy eating plan while still… Read More

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