Starting a Wedding Diet? Wedding Weight Loss Tips for Your Big Day

Start Your Morning with Breakfast

It’s been said many times before; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although it’s the most skipped meal, starting your day with breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism and will keep you feeling full longer. People who eat breakfast regularly not only lose weight, but also keep it off. Because most people are busy and rushed in the morning, breakfast is often skipped due to lack of time to prepare. One way to avoid this is to plan out your breakfast ahead of time. Making deliciousquiches or enjoying Atkins Day Break Shakes are both excellent solutions.

Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle
The healthy eating component of a wedding weight loss routine is one that can be hard to get used to. However, once you start treating your body to healthier food, it is easier to resist falling back into an unhealthy diet. Planning your meals out for the week can help you avoid slip-ups in your wedding diet routine. Make it a habit to go grocery shopping for fresh vegetables and meats every week to stock up on ingredients for homemade meals that you can repurpose throughout the week. This will make it easier to make meals at home and help you resist the temptation to call in for delivery after a long and busy day.

Find a Workout You Enjoy
In addition to getting into a healthy eating routine with your wedding diet, it’s also important to find a workout routine that works for your body and that you enjoy. While planning for a wedding, there are enough check lists and to-dos that it can be hard to find time to get to the gym. Signing up for workout classes, like yoga or cycling, will help you feel accountable for attending and can be fun. Once a workout class is on the calendar, make sure you commit to it. If you need a little extra motivation, try signing up for classes with your bridesmaids.

Stick to Your Diet with Atkins
By eating the right foods and limiting carbohydrates, any bride preparing for her wedding day can see the benefits of the Atkins diet within weeks. With the Atkins diet you can eat delicious protein, leafy greens, vegetables and healthy oils. Mixed with a fun workout routine you enjoy doing, you will be looking and feeling wedding-ready in no time.

With these simple tips and wedding weight loss tricks, it will be less daunting to start trimming down for the big day.